JBANC Social Media and Resources

JBANC Affiliated and Baltic Resources

JBANC’s Parent Organizations
Estonian American National Council, Inc.
American Latvian Association, Inc. 
Lithuanian American Council, Inc. 

JBANC Associated Organizations
Central and East European Coalition 
Maryland Estonia Exchange Council, Inc. 
Platform of European Memory and Conscience 

Estonian Organizations
Lakewood Estonian Association 
Estonian House in New York 
Estonian American Fund 
Estonian World
The American Chamber of Commerce in Estonia 
The Estonian American Chamber of Commerce 

Latvian Organizations 
Latvian Community in New York 
American Latvian Youth Association in Chicago 
Latvian National Youth Association of Canada 
Latvian Cultural Association Tilts 
Latvian Fund 
The World Federation of Free Latvians 
The American Chamber of Commerce in Latvia 

Lithuanian Organizations
Lithuanian American Community
Lithuanian American Community in Washington, DC 
Lithuanian-American Bar Association 
Lithuanian Foundation 
Lithuanian National Foundation 
The American Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania 

Baltic Organizations
Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies
Baltic American Freedom Foundation_
Baltic American Freedom League_
Baltic Assembly
Baltic Heritage Network
Baltic Studies Summer Institute

European and International Organizations 
European Union 
Council of Europe 
Enhanced Partnership in Northern Europe (e-PINE) 
OSCE Parliamentary Assembly 
NATO Parliamentary Assembly

Platform of European Memory and Conscience
United Nations 


​Government Links

The Presidents of the Baltic Countries 

President of Estonia 

President of Latvia 

President of Lithuania 

Diplomatic Representations

Estonian Embassy in the United States 

Latvian Embassy in the United States 

Lithuanian Embassy in the United States

U.S. Mission to Estonia 

U.S. Mission to Latvia 

U.S. Mission to Lithuania

U.S. Congress and Administration
U.S. Congress 
CSCE – U.S. Helsinki Commission 
U.S. Senate 
U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee 
U.S. Senate Baltic Freedom Caucus 
U.S. House of Representatives 
U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs 
U.S. House Baltic Caucus 
The Hill – Congressional Newspaper 
THOMAS – legislation finder on the Internet 
White House 
Central Intelligence Agency 
C-SPAN: Public Affairs on the Web 

News and Media Resources

American Media

Center for Strategic and International Studies 
Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation 
Jamestown Foundation

Why was NATO Founded?

NATO milestones 1949-1952
US Global Leadership Coalition 
Woodrow Wilson Center 



Baltic News and Media
Vaba Eesti Sõna 
Estonian World Review 
Latvians Online 
Amerikos Lietuvis 
Lithuanian Heritage Magazine 
Baltic Sea Portal 
Baltic Connections 
Baltic Course 
Baltic Times 



Edward Lucas 
Window on Eurasia (Paul Goble) 
Itching for Eestimaa 
Imbi Paju – Memories Denied 

Back in Your Arms

Red Terror on the Amber Coast 
The Singing Revolution 
Vienui Vieni