Registration for the 5th Baltic Advocacy Days is now open! All meetings will be held virtually, spanning the week of May 2-6, 2022. Deadline for registering as a participant is April 13, 2022.

This timely event is an opportunity for Baltic Americans to come together and engage with Congress about the key security issues impacting Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. With the Russian Federation waging an unjustified and horrific war against the Ukrainian people, security in Eastern Europe has become an even bigger concern than ever before. You, as a constituent, have the power and duty to voice your concerns with your elected officials. No previous experience is needed to participate. You will be briefed and supported all along the way.

If interested, please sign up as a participant at the link:

Read more about the event in the visual materials posted below.


  1. I just got this today what do I need to do

  2. I’m late to the dance but wanted you to know I have contacted my congressman (Jared Golden, ME2) and encouraged him to join the House Baltic Caucus. Text of my message below:

    Dear Congressman Golden:

    I am your constituent with a personal connection to the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. I am very concerned about protecting American interests in the Baltics, especially in the face of Russia’s recent massive deployment of troops invading Ukraine and threatening NATO allies. As part of strategic deterrence of aggression from Moscow against our Baltic allies, please support the following requests.

    First of all, I applaud your vote supporting H. R. 7691, Additional Ukraine Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2022. Please urge President Biden to reaffirm our support for Ukraine, Georgia, and our NATO allies. I am incredibly concerned with the Kremlin’s recent public demands to withdraw the U.S. and NATO military presence from its former Soviet “sphere of influence.” This ultimatum underscores Putin’s revanchist ambitions and is a non-starter. I hope to hear strong U.S. support for Ukrainian territorial integrity, which is crucial for regional stability. We must engage with strength to ensure Moscow respects the sovereignty of our allies and partners.

    Please continue to provide robust security assistance for the Baltic countries and Ukraine via Defense and SFOPS appropriations to deter Russian threats. These sorts of measures will enable the U.S. and our allies to prepare for contingencies necessitated by Moscow’s aggression—especially the current dangerous military buildup in and near Ukraine.

    Please work on a bipartisan basis for the above and other matters especially regarding our foreign policy.

    I encourage you to join the House Baltic Caucus to continue your support for countries in the former Soviet sphere of influence.

    Thank you for your service for our country.

    Charlie Maddaus
    Sumner, ME

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