Dear Baltic Americans and friends of the Baltics, Russia’s murderous war against Ukraine is raging. It is time to act now and to call your elected officials to #StandwithUkraine. Urge your member of the United States Congress to immediately and robustly support military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Every day counts! Please also share this information with your friends and family.

Need help in identifying your elected officials?

Find their names as well as their direct numbers here:

Visual guide: How to ask Congress to assist Ukraine immediately.

Sample script

I am a Baltic American and your constituent. I am asking you to work with congressional leadership to immediately pass robust supplemental aid to Ukraine. Ukraine desperately needs military and humanitarian assistance so they can fight for the sovereignty of their country. Russia’s appalling and unprecedented actions threaten the region and the global democratic order. I’m also requesting that your office makes a statement on this very important issue.

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