During nearly 30 years of cooperative advocacy, the Central and East European Coalition (CEEC) has conducted important work calling attention to transatlantic issues that affect both the United States and Central and Eastern Europe. Here, we decided to highlight some of the crucial moments in the coalition’s history.

In 1996, the CEEC met with President Clinton at the White House to advocate for continued U.S. economic and political support of the region, including for NATO enlargement.
Statement by President Clinton’s press secretary following the meeting.

The 2000 Presidential Election was perhaps one of the most consequential elections for the U.S.-Baltic relationship. The CEEC worked hard to make NATO enlargement a critical campaign issue. Ultimately, Vice President Al Gore and Governor George W. Bush made a commitment to push forward the enlargement of NATO if elected.

Statement from Vice President Al Gore’s campaign regarding NATO enlargement
Statement from Governor Bush’s campaign on NATO enlargement.

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