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JBANC Friday News Digest, February 4 - February 10
Dec 31, 2016
By Alexander Blums / JBANC
Trump Expresses Support For Ukraine In Letter To Lithuanian Leader
U.S. President Donald Trump has expressed support for Ukraine's territorial integrity in a letter to the president of Lithuania, which has often backed Ukraine in its disputes with Russia.;

February 9, Thursday
Estonia ‘not afraid’ to be on Nato frontline, president says

US tanks rolled into Estonia and the other Baltic states this week to reinforce Nato’s frontline with an increasingly assertive Russia. But in Tallinn’s baroque pink presidential palace there is no mood to entertain any idea that the nation is cowering before Moscow.;

February 8, Wednesday
US Secret Service Trains Estonia to Handle Cyber Threats

Estonia has teamed up with the U.S. Secret Service ahead of its first European Union presidency to train local officials to handle cyber threats — the greatest of which comes from Russia, according to the nation's foreign intelligence service.;

February 7, Tuesday
NATO troops deploy in Lithuania, underscoring commitment to defense

Germany and NATO on Tuesday underscored their commitment to beefing up the defense of eastern Europe's border with Russia as the first of four new battalions under the North Atlantic alliance's banner arrived in Lithuania.;

February 6, Monday
Lithuania's president welcomes Germany's role in NATO deployment

Germany‘s leading military presence in Lithuania is "symbolic and very important," the country‘s president, Dalia Grybauskaite, told dpa ahead of an official troop welcoming ceremony Tuesday to be attended by the German Minister of Defense Ursula von der Leyen.;

February 5, Sunday
Fence stretching 23-km already up on Latvia-Russia border

Latvia has built the first 23-kilometer stretch of a fence on the border with Russia, which is one of the measures intended to keep out illegal immigrants, told at the Latvian State Border Guard.;

February 4, Saturday
Seeking attention, Lithuania builds Tesla Motors a virtual factory

Lithuanians badly want Tesla Motors to build its next giant factory on their soil, so to grab the attention of the California tech company they built a virtual version of a facility inside the “Minecraft” video game.;
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